Monday, March 30, 2009

noah hershman and heather busse told me to do this

i dont know if they were counting on me publishing it publicly. but what the hell, right?

intelligence, like being able to teach me about things i dont know a whole lot about.
independence, but still loves to hang out all the time.
outgoing, not obnoxious, but makes friends easily.
sense of humor, dark and sarcastic with just the right amount of vulgarity
thoughtful, dissects film, music, me.
appreciates my passions, even if they are hard to fully understand.
has passions, the quirkier the better.
enjoys silence in conversation.
will keep me in line, without being too hurtful.
gets along with my family.
will let loose on occasion, and let me let loose on occasion.
doesnt need to travel to feel complete, but looks forward to a time when it is affordable.
extremely open-minded, but still maintains certain, foundational beliefs.
creativity, however it chooses to manifests.
a deep sense of individuality.
a heart for social issues.
who dosent need me, but says it to me anyway.
appreciates sappy romanticism (not the literary movement).
doesnt always need to be out doing something, ok with just hangin.
but likes to go out and do things as well.
spontaneity that doesnt become overbearing.
will challenge me in everything i do and believe.
has some sort of idea about what to do post graduation.
words of affirmation.
can appreciate brutal honesty and will be brutally honest.

and most of all:
super hot.

but seriously.

ok im kidding...

if i think of more, i will add them. noah and heather, this was helpful. thanks.

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