Friday, March 13, 2009

hope you are well, mr. bridge

eric bridge. i knew eric in high school. he had this really intense chiseled jaw and huge biceps. women loved him. i hated him. well, i hated him until he started hanging out with us. when i say us, i mean me and my six other friends. eddie, cj, dominic, joe, nick and mj. kevo too. sorry kev. i guess eddie knew eric from jr high, so it made sense why he started hanging around with him again. but initially, my first thoughts were, "you guys want to hang out with this jack ass?" i mean, we werent the kinds of guys eric usually hung around. we were seniors in high school and wore skinny jeans, baseball hats, band shirts and vans. we went to shows every weekend and even started our own crew, the "mosh monsters". we ate lunch either in our cars in the parking lot, or in the art quad where no one else hung out except for a few other antisociables. we talked about bad horror films, new bands we had found on myspace (bands that we swore were the heaviest we had heard yet), graffiti, and nick and mj even talked about world of warcraft more than they probably should have. so when eric bridge showed up, i assumed he was gonna beat the shit out of one of us. i mean, just a few weeks ago mj had fought some prick who was throwing half full soda cans at us. the thing was, although we kept to ourselves, we were not about to just stand by and let some sophomore dickhead throw his coca cola at us. so i was prepared for the worst when eric showed up. turns out, the kid is hilarious. not only hilarious, but one of the nicest guys i have ever met. he didnt hang around long, i guess we were sort of his "in transition" group while he looked for another sect of high school popularity to squeeze into. i was legitimately sorry when he stopped hanging out with us. he even went to a few shows with us, even kicked the shit out of some kid while the acacia strain was on stage. i dont know where eric bridge is now. the last time i saw him was a few years ago and he was working construction, we talked for a few minutes and that was it.

i was thinking about eric bridge today, and it reminded me of how good people are.

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