Wednesday, March 4, 2009


i read this a few weeks ago at a fundraiser to turn my friend's garage into a recording studio:

"to whom"

reason disintegrates
in chords violent
rumble through pointed bone
exhale the nothingness
throat tubes exhaust
slicing the holy umbilical
bookish mumblings as
shatter minimal reality then
"o' righteous regret!"
to keep from clenching fist
and convince
of glass graves
plead for
infinite womb, infinite birth!
with child visions of that eventual stop
turn blame toward climacus
all of his alternate egos
press cheek against entis cheek
sculpt analogy
transfer doubt to grievous cloud
from chemical breath
wake to foreign faces
wiping ghost tangles from
bed frame
up coughing shouts
fuzzy actuality attached
'til sun setting
then tearing part from
whole body
saturate portion
the shattering no
with fetal yes
infinite womb
for infinite birth

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