Thursday, November 26, 2009

for your consideration

you were there for my delivery
you were there when i turned two
the first time that i broke a bone
i was told to trust in you
fighting with my sister
in our milk-truck minivan
once a week we rode together
proving that our family can

look to you

and after years of trusting
all the men who stood in front
i came to reconsider
and rejected their stunt
you were there for my doubting
you were there for my pain
the last time that i fell apart
i was told that it was plain:

look to you

you were there for my curses
you were there when i said no
when i emptied my belief in you
you stayed home and didnt show
so as i look to progress
i have one final plea
could you take care of a woman
who seeks you desperately

and looks to you

be there for her mother
be there in her jobs
hold her little sister close
and comfort when she sobs
you and i have made our peace
and you're leaving me alone
please stay with the girl i love
and let your self be shown

when she looks to you
looks to you

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