Tuesday, November 24, 2009

a few things

-since yesterday i cannot stop writing.
-i walked by a friend today on campus and he shouted to me as i sprinted by to class, "It's nice to see a smile on tay mckay's face finally!"
-last night i was completely blindsided by a good friend when he asked me to be in his wedding.
-i had the wonderful opportunity last night (thanks to my kick-ass sister) to see my favorite band of all time play the best show i have ever experienced.
-im figuring out if god exists and it is really enlightening.
-there was a debate in my advanced composition class today on twilight, and i was naturally the lead spokesman on the anti-twilight side, only to end the debate thinking "who cares if its shitty, who am i to bash that trash."
-yesterday, from completely out of nowhere, i was presented with the idea to apply to teach at a waldorf school. and i actually want to when i graduate.
-i am trying to put out positive energy.

these are good things in a time where all signs point to "i should feel bitter, angry, and depressed". i am choosing to grow up and move forward.

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  1. i love this and you. I's so happy you are not ignoring the good things.