Thursday, January 13, 2011


Greetings friends and family,

I come to you all with a few announcements and various updates. First and foremost; by early next week, I will no longer be on the facebook grid. I am slipping out of this sticky network and will be focusing my attention elsewhere. You can always keep close (or not so close) contact with me through my email: Also, I will be running a blog: that will be overflowing with postings, pictures, writings, links, etc. to keep you current with what I am up to or what interesting things I have discovered.

If that isn’t enough to satisfy you, I will be starting The Basement City Review; a collaborative blog that will be publishing numerous writers and artists every other Friday. I am still fitting gears together and constructing layouts, but if this is something you are interested in or fascinated by, please email us at and “like us” on facebook by searching The Basement City Review. If you are the tweeting kind, you can stalk us @thebasementcity to get very inconsistent updates. The goal right now is to have the first “digital issue” out by February the 4th 2011.

Stay in touch, and as always: be well.

From one end to another,
Taylor McKay

I will not be updating this blog further.

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