Wednesday, February 10, 2010

it really makes you think

i haven't updated my blog in a while (no excuses, i just haven't), but this is something worth writing about. as i am waiting for my 4:20 class to begin, i decide to stumble around on the internet. sometimes i find shit, sometimes i find pretty amazing stuff.

this is the latter.

this radio show (or tv show, im not sure) has a segment on their program where they grab a member of the homeless community and bring them into the studio and give them clothes (and maybe interview them too). anyway, at first it seemed pretty exploitative. any time i hear about a media program doing something with the homeless community i tend to get visions of "bumfights" and such travesties.

well, on one of the episodes the show picked a man named mustard. after fitting him with clothes, he mentioned to the hosts that he played the guitar. either hoping to exploit him or not, they gave him a guitar and told him to play and sing. what the hosts got was this:

you can tell that after mustard is finished the hosts are shocked.

however. when one really sits down to think about it, is it really that shocking? the homeless community consists of a huge range of ethnicities, styles, cultures, and talents. the way this man sings this song like it was written for him to sing is the truly amazing part.

it makes me think.

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